Food Travel Experiences Bon Apptit French Delicacies

June 27, 2019

After staying in France for quite some time, my friend Mari has learned to appreciate and enjoy French cuisine and food culture. Here, she shares with us some of her favourite food in France and where to get them!

Name: Mari Glenn Nationality: American Food Destination: France

Having stayed in France for almost a year, can you share with us some of the tastes and preferences of the French?

Being here in France would mean that I am missing out on all the spicy food that all Singaporeans love. Most of the people in France are categorized in to 2 groups, the huge meat-lover and salad-lover. Some of the top favourites here are Steak Tartare, Raw Beef, Crêpe, and some of the cookies and cakes. Well, I must admit that I really have a sweet tooth! The dessert in France is just too tempting!

You mentioned some of your favourite French food. Where can we find satisfying and delicious ones?

You can find really authentic and delicious Steak Tartare in Saint-Michel, Paris! Most of the restaurants there offer this favourite dish of mine together Escargot which is my other favourite. There are just too many nice restaurants in Saint-Michel where everything on the menu became my favourite!

If you had to live on one French food item for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

I guess it will be Croque Monsieur, which is something on the top of list of must-its! Croque Monsieur is not like any other sandwiches, it is unique and special with the piping hot melting cheese that oozes on top of a whole sandwich. It is simple dish to make but it is also the tastiest.

That sounds delicious! Any must-trys for travellers going to France?

I would strongly encourage all travellers to France to try any of their Recettes Patissieres. The cookies and cakes that they make are the best in the world! Every single piece of cookie or cake made by them are like pieces of art to me! Some of these pastries that are in the list of my personal favourites are Macarons, Eclairs and Almond Croissants. If you want to try gourmet french food, of course there are foie gras, black truffle, Brie, ESCARGOTS. They are really good and I don’t think that I will ever get sick of them! When I returned home I have find online gourmet store where you can buy all these french delights, highly recommend to visit it.

So in your opinion, is there a difference in French food culture from that of your home country’s?

Yes there is and it is very different compared to the food culture in Singapore. The French love to eat their meals in complete sets. Often, they begin with a starter meal, followed by the main dish and they usually end off with the dessert. Most Singaporeans will be satisfied with just having the main dish. Also, the French pick up most of their food with a fork even when eating rice! They only use spoons for soup dishes. As for meal times, most of the French prefer to enjoy their meals at a slower and more relaxed pace.

Can you share with us the most memorable eating experience in France?

There was once when I waited half an hour to 45 minutes just for a dish to be served. In fact, most restaurants in France often take that long to put a dish on your table. This seems to be a norm in France. However, the wait will always be worthwhile when they lay out their best dishes to each and every one of their customers. Even though the wait may be long, the services in these French restaurants are great with pleasant service staff who are really friendly! French people actually enjoy the time waiting for their dishes as they can have chats with their friends.